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The trials and tribulations of a coffee snob

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I have always liked coffe, I normally have one a day in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Until recently I would put up with almost any coffee instant or otherwise but in the last few years I have got the taste for strong flat white coffee’s without sugar. I will only have sugar if the coffee is not up to standard to mask the poor taste.
Luckily my current employer is next door to a coffee roasting house which has a coffee shop attached. The standard of coffee made there was excellent and more often than not I would have two every day. Recently due to staff changes the coffee has gone downhill, now the coffee’s are barely adequent and I find myself needing to add sugar, never a good sign. The ground coffee is good so with a plunger I can get by, this is manditory as I often work away from the office and finding good coffee places in Brisbane is difficult bordering on impossible.

Best coffee shops:

Alen’s Expresso, CBD (you’ll have to wait at peak times but there is a reason why there is a queue out the door)
OneDrop Fortitude Valley (consistantly good and polite service, shame I don’t work in the valley more often).
Merlo Bar, CBD Queen St/George St (good coffee)

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