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VMware vCenter Server, uninstalling SQL express issues

I has an issue today where a customer had SQL express installed on their vCenter Server and moved their vCenter Database to another SQL Server instance on another Server.
Being thorough they also uninstalled SQL express from their vCenter Server. Unfortunately the uninstall of the SQL express also performs an uninstall of the SQL Native agent and therefore removes any ODBC DSN’s using that driver dll.
Although the SQL express uninstall was done previously, no error occurrs until the VMware vCenter Server services were restarted (or the Server was restarted).

The error was as follows and the vpxa log shows the Database cannot be located.
“Windows could not start VMware Virtual Center Service. Error code 2”

To resolve this issue re-install the SQL Native client and then recreate the ODBC DSN.

The DSN name can be found in the registry location:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\VMware, Inc\VMware VirtualCenter\DB\1
This DWORD contains the correct DSN

Create the DSN by running odbcad32 and creating a System DSN with the name from the registry setting. Then try restarting the services.

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