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How to Failover EMC Clariion Mirrorview/S LUNs on VMware

This is the process you can use to failover EMC MirrorView/S LUN’s presented to VMware ESX (3.0.2 old skool!)

1. Pick one a LUN/Datastore to perform cutover on.
2. Shutdown all the VM’s on that Datastore.
3. Remove all the VM’s on that Datastore from Virtual Centre inventory, right-click and remove.
4. Switch to Navisphere, Check mirror sync state = synchronized (right click on mirror, properties, secondary tab)
5. Expand Storage Groups, select Prod ESX host group, right click and properties, LUNs, note LUN ID, select LUNs and remove LUN from Storage Group.
6. Switch to VI Client, Select a DR Host, configuration, Storage adapters, Rescan Datastores.
7. Switch to Navisphere, expand Remote Mirrors, right click on secondary image and promote.
8. Switch to VI Client, select DR ESX host, Configuration tab, advanced, Set LVM.EnableResignature to 1 (required for ESX 3.0).
9. Switch to Navisphere, Add LUN to DR ESX host groups on DR CX, ensure the same host LUN ID is used
10. Switch to VI Client, Rescan ESX in DR with Enable resignature setting enabled, check LUN is found, if not rescan again and reboot if necessary.
11. Refresh storage on all hosts in cluster, ensuring old Datastore appears (without this you can do the next step and rename the snapshot).
12. Ensure Datastore appears on host where rescan was run, rename Datastore snap-000000X-datastore name to the old Datastore name(may not need to be renamed).
13. Browse Datastore and Add VM’s to inventory by right clicking on vmx files.
14. Power on VM, select to create new identifier (safest option but copies works too).
15. Turn off resignature on DR ESX host, Configuration, advanced, Set LVM.EnableResignature to 0.

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  1. Marcelo Egidio
    January 18, 2012 at 6:05 am

    Faltou dizer que precisa alterar o arquivo .vmx para o novo path do arquivo .vswp.
    Mas de resto esta certo.

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