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EMC NS-120 Single Blade racking – part 1

Racked my first NS-120 today, it arrives all together in one carton weighing over 100 kilos. Its packed together in the rails enclosed in a wooden crate, I got my hopes up that I could simply crack open the crate and somehow lift it straight into the rack, but unfortunately it can’t be done.

You must remove each of the five components individually then remove the rails from within the crate.

Each rail is one single unit that is easily connected to the rack.

Once the rails are in the rack you must re-rack each of the components in the same order as it was delivered. The installation guide in the accessory box is very good and details the component order and how it is correctly racked.

Top: DAE (Disk Array Enclosure)

Second from top: CS (Control Station)

Middle: SPS (Standby Power Supply)

Second from bottom: SPE (Storage Processor Enclosure)

Bottom: Blade Enclosure

This is the front and back views of the unit once its fully racked, this is a small SAN that only has one additional DAE.

Rear view post cabling the unit, cabling is very straight forward as, it the same previous EMC storage systems. I didn’t get a chance to tidy up the cables just yet, that will happen once I cable up the hosts and fibre switches tomorrow.

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